Hi, I'm Meg. I'm actually a Margaret, but I've never gone by it.

So far, I've lived in Oregon, Tennessee, California, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio, the longest of those being California for 15-ish years. Cleveland is my current home where I live in a tiny, sun-filled apartment complete with flea market furniture, about three days worth of snacks at a time, and a few hardy houseplants who are probably wishing I'll get replaced by a different tenant.  

Job-wise, I coordinate digital marketing for a purpose-driven PR agency here in Cleveland. I also assist one of my good friends with her wedding photography business whenever I can.

My fiancé (whose face you'll see a lot around here, or at least on Instagram) is Jason. Along with being ridiculously talented and creative, he's also one of the sweetest people you'll ever know. We met on the tennis team in college, but these days we spend less time on the court and more time dancing, working on creative projects, and watching (read: crying over) This Is Us or Queer Eye.

Overall, this is a journal about being 23 and showing up to see what the day holds. Emily Dickinson wrote, "Forever - is composed of Nows/." I may not know what forever has in store, but I'm pretty excited about today.

P.S. You can find me on Instagram here (personal) and here (photography). I'm trying to spend less time on social media so I don't post all that often, but you're welcome to follow along wherever you'd like!