Aster + Olive Photography

The following images are pulled from a document designed for wedding photographer Angela Bartunek, owner of Aster + Olive Photography. She needed a well-designed document that would double as a showcase of her work as well as a helpful resource for prospective clients. 

Happen Magazine Images_Page_01.png

happen magazine

My senior capstone project involved researching the independent magazine industry and writing a strategic plan for a start-up of our own design. I envisioned a magazine centered on the multi-faceted lives of creative women. Rather than turning in a project that looked like a research paper, I designed my capstone in a magazine-style format, creating the aesthetic of the Happen brand. 


Prosper for Purpose, LLC

While I don't run the social media for Prosper for Purpose, I recently did an Instagram Takeover and shared the following three images which outperformed all other images shared previously. Prosper for Purpose is a Cleveland-based PR and marketing agency that focuses on social and environmental impact in all of its projects. Prosper for Purpose is one of the first B Corps in Cleveland and offers services ranging from branding and graphic design to PR and marketing strategy.


American Heart Association

The "Dream Vending Machine" is a design created for a campaign by the American Heart Association to advocate for healthier food and beverage options in vending machines. The campaign is focused on the St. Louis, Missouri area, starting with ballpark food options and extending to workplace vending machines, benefitting night shift workers who have limited access to healthy options during their work hours. 

Contract project for creative agency BigWideSky in St. Louis, MO. 

Created for social media. 1920 x 1920 px.


Kuno Creative

The following images were created for inbound marketing agency Kuno Creative based in Avon, OH. Kuno Creative does not currently employ specific brand guidelines in their social media pages but the tone and brand message are generally consistent.

Used on the company Instagram (@kunocreative).


suli breaks

For YouTuber and spoken word artist Suli Breaks I created social media assets, print ads for his live Not a Role Model series, and this Netflix pitch mock-up.


Public Affairs Conference: Innovation

In 2016, I had the opportunity to serve on the board of the 67th Annual Public Affairs Conference, which happens to be the longest-running student-led conference in the nation. As Director of Publications and Promotions, I led a team of graphic and web designers to create a visual brand for the conference and design a wide range of materials for both print and web. 


Principia College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

During my junior and senior years of college, I helped launch a new student Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, designed to support creative and entrepreneurial students with resources, creative workspace, and even early funding. Below are several designs used around campus and on social media to advertise various workshops and events hosted by the Center during 2016 and 2017. We have achieved our fundraising goal and the programs are guaranteed to continue for the next 5-7 years at the very least!